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We offer avant-garde teambuilding concepts that effectively meet the needs of companies.

In a context of continuous changes (and even more so since March 2020), restructuring essential to their survival, they want to consolidate, motivate or simply show gratitude to their teams.

The integration of new players, innovation, reorganization or simply the pleasure of escaping from the office to be all together for a few hours are just some of the challenges that teambuilding effectively responds to in companies.

Through stimulating challenges and the choice of creative and entertaining programs, participants will be led to work as a team on common goals in order to cultivate and develop collective values.

Designed for a remote work environment, virtual teambuilding is the solution to bring together team members who work remotely, adapt, continue to grow and perform. Team members will have the opportunity to interact with their colleagues, feel closer to each other, take on challenges that match their collective strengths and, more broadly, contribute to the success and development of their team and company.
Our fun and captivating challenges will give you an energizing break and put into practice all the elements related to the success of an effective team in telework such as trust, communication, collaboration, task organization, decision-making, leadership and achieving results.These concepts are presented in a formula where participants who will form teams, will have to work effectively to meet a series of varied challenges within an allotted period of time. All in an innovative, fun and formative group experience.