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 Fun – Training – Consolidation – Motivation –  Vision – Mobilization

(eligible for law 90 1%)

You and your teammates find yourselves trapped on a desert island. Survival depends on your resourcefulness; you will have to become an architect, an engineer and a navigator in this nautical challenge inspired from the movie, “Cast Away”. Your ultimate goal will be to plan, construct and develop the most impressive, most original but most importantly, the sturdiest sailing vessel. Items such as barrels, rope, wood, tarps and painting materials will be supplied in order to accomplish this mission. All the sailors in your team will have to plan and strategize in order to successfully compete in the final race, where the main goal is to reach the finish line without sinking!

  • Length :  3 to 4 hours indoor and outdoor   
  • Possible formats: 1/2 day or full day  
  • Group size: from 5 to 150 participants
  • Requirements: room or resort area with a lake or other body of water nearby