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Who is teambuilding for?

Teambuilding activities are intended for companies, organizations and associations for their employees, their work teams, their management team or even their customers, collaborators or partners. The arrival of Covid-19 and the implementation of telework has considerably reduced the quality of our contacts and our exchanges. Holding a team activity, especially if it can take place face-to-face, can go a long way in remedying this.

Why does a company decide to do teambuilding?

Teambuilding effectively meets the needs of companies that are going through change, restructuring or expansion in particular and who wish to establish a winning culture based on the benefits of teamwork. Teambuilding can be done in small, medium or large teams, face-to-face or virtual. The activity will lead participants to meet challenges that will lead to success. Effective teamwork will highlight different elements such as: identification of common strengths, the development of trust, the creation of communication tools, the establishment of collaborative processes the culture of team spirit in particular. Some programs are also eligible for Law 90 (1%) on company training.

What are the targeted objectives?

They may differ from one company to another, but generally speaking the objectives are:

  • Have fun Be together
  • Get to know each other better
  • Promote team spirit Raise awareness of the benefits of teamwork and the key elements that contribute to the success of a winning team (ex: trust, communication, collaboration, etc.)
How does a teambuilding activity take place?

A teambuilding activity can take different forms such as an icebreaker, a social activity, a team game, a creative challenge or other.

To be effective, the activity must be personalized, supervised, dynamic, interactive, safe and accessible to everyone. It takes between 60 and 180 minutes, depending on the activity chosen, to which you sometimes have to add the welcome time, the explanations, the discussion periods and the return at the end.

In general, a block of 2 to 3 hours (or half a day) is recommended to better benefit from the experience of teambuilding. We also offer full day packages.

Where does a teambuilding activity take place?

Depending on the activity, a teambuilding program can take place at different locations.

Whether in a company, in a room, an hotel, a rural area or in holiday site for example.

There are many places in Quebec that meet all perequisites for the prectice of such an activity. We will look for a place that can accomodate a group with all facilities required according to the needs targeted for the smooth running of the activity.

What are the expected costs for a team activity?

As the programs offered are often personalized to teams, a base rate applicable from $1,250 + taxes must be provided for a group of 20 people or less. To this cost will be added a cost per additional person (between $30 and $50 plus taxes) depending on the size of the group.

Packages for groups of more than 50 people are also available. These rates may vary and will be established according to different parameters. In addition to the costs of the activity, it is also necessary to plan for the variable costs depending on the case for : access costs, rental of an outdoor site or room, transport, meals, beverages, accommodation, etc. according to the desired formula

COVID 19 informations

Organijeu follows the health recommendations and provisions relating to COVID-19 in accordance with Public Health directives. For all your questions, contact a member of our team.