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Fun – Training – Consolidation – Motivation – Mobilization – Challenging

(eligible for law 90 1%)

The plane carrying your group was forced to crash land in a remote region of northern Quebec but thankfully everyone survived!

You are now lost and must learn how to light a fire, build a refuge, carry a wounded colleague, and be able to find your way in the forest. You will have to surpass your limits in this original simulation which will take place in an appropriate location.

But above all, your team will have to be effective, determined and persevere in order to deal with these unconventional challenges. This concept is guaranteed to have a positive moral effect on all participants.

  • Length :  3 to 4 hours outdoor only  
  • Possible formats: 1/2 day or full day  
  • Group size: from 5 to 100 participants
  • Requirements: room or resort area with green space, forest, lake and mountains nearby