Do you want to increase team spirit within your company, strengthen cohesion and create an optimal synergy between your employees?

Organijeu Productions offers you a dynamic, interactive and entertaining team-building workshop formula where you will be invited to put into practice the notions acquired in the conference part through playful and innovative challenges. This approach through games and activities aims to promote awareness about oneself and within the group in order to excel all together.

These trainings incorporates the following objectives
in order to keep the group in action:

  • To have fun
  • Create a positive and energizing group experience in a context of pleasure outside of the work area
  • Getting to know each other better (leveraging the team's strengths and common qualities)
  • Promote key elements that contribute to the success of a winning team such as: trust, communication and collaboration

We aim to develop skills related to the success of teamwork. In a favorable location with appropriate supervision, the group will actively participate in the planning process before each proposed challenges. We rely on the physical and mental involvement of participants to raise awareness and promote the emergence of ideas and solutions in order to face the challenges

As it is proven that learning knowledge in dynamic and interactive mode where the team actively participates is significantly higher, several trainings are available in order to effectively target your needs and objectives according to the following themes:

  • Identify the mission, vision and common strengths
  • Maintain a strong climate of trust
  • Maintain a level of performance
  • Know yourself better to perform better
  • Communicate better to improve the collaboration
  • Manage stress all together in a better way
  • Promote recognition
  • Promote engagement and mobilization

The pleasure of the cooperative play allows drawing a parallel with the objectives of the training. Create a real impact on your company's efficiency, productivity and profitability by providing lasting changes in organizational dynamics. Are you ready to take action?

All our conference workshops are eligible to the 1% corporate training law and we are accredited by the “Commission des Partenaires du Marché du Travail”.

About Daniel Girouard


À propos de Daniel Girouard

Business Management graduate, specializing in team work management and accredited trainer by Emploi-Québec, Daniel has more than twenty-five years' experience as a corporate training consultant in organizing special events for companies and professional associations. He also has extensive experience in corporate management and training in different business sectors.

Passionate, perfectly bilingual, committed, attentive and very dynamic, Daniel specializes in communication, mobilization and teamwork thanks to his sense of leadership, creativity and visionary thinking. He is recognized for his market knowledge and ability to assess customer’s team building needs; he has developed a unique play-like training approach reinforced by team play.

This unique and interactive approach used for several years with many teams from various backgrounds, allows increasing the interpersonal skills of the participants and will enable the achievement of the professional objectives for the group. For him, the level of performance, recognition and especially pleasure in a work team are closely linked and contribute significantly to the success of a company or any organization in the long term period.

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