The importance of TEAM BUILDING

Since 1995, we have been offering forward-thinking team building concepts that respond effectively to the needs of today's companies that are undergoing continuous change, restructuring, and that wish to consolidate, motivate or simply show recognition for their teams. The integration of new players, innovation, reorganization or simply the pleasure of escaping from the office to be all together for a few hours are just a few of the challenges to which team building in a company effectively responds.


Our approach aspires through a series of games, workshops and various processes that will take place in an enabling environment, to develop an optimal state in order to promote self-awareness within the group in order to excel all together. We aim to develop teamwork skills where participants will receive supportive coaching and a team planning process before each proposed challenge. We rely on the physical and emotional involvement of participants to raise awareness and foster the emergence of reflections, ideas and solutions to the challenges offered during the activities.

Through stimulating challenges and the choice of creative and entertaining programs, participants will be encouraged to work as a team on common goals to cultivate and develop collective values. Our activities are dynamic, entertaining, safe and adapted to each group. Each proposed activity covers various themes such as: having fun, breaking the ice, getting to know each other better, promoting trust, communication (listening, understanding and interpretation), vision, creativity, leadership, etc.

Our activities

  • We have more than 20 different programs and depending on your goals and needs, it will be our pleasure to advise you
  • For groups of 5 or more people
  • Do not require significant physical effort (social rather than sporting approach)
  • Are lasting from a few hours (2-4 hours) to a full day (6-8 hres)
  • Are offered à la carte (activity only) or turnkey (room, meal and activity)
  • Are dynamic, entertaining, safe and adapted to each group
  • Are available year-round, regardless of location and according to your schedule
  • Are supervised by a dynamic and professional team
  • Are available in English, French or bilingual depending on preference
  • Can incorporate content related to the benefits of teamwork and the 3 key pillars that contribute to the success of a team: trust - communication - collaboration
  • May be led by a recognized Employment Quebec trainer and eligible for the 1% enterprise training law
  • Take place rain or shine and always include a plan B indoors in case of extreme weather if the activity is planned outdoors

The final program of activities will be determined by Organijeu Professionals in collaboration with the client. In addition to the content of the activities, our services include: the required client follow-up, custom design programs, transportation and space planning according to the needs required.



The importance of TEAM BUILDING

  • With over 15 different programs, it will be our pleasure to find the one which best fits your needs.
  • Offered to groups of 5 individuals or more.
  • Can last anywhere from half a day to a full day, depending on whether the program of activities includes meals.
  • Every program is dynamic, entertaining, safe and custom made for all groups.
  • Activities are available year round at a variety of venues, depending on your needs.
  • All programs are conducted under the supervision of our dynamic and professional team.
  • All programs are offered in English, French or both.
  • All programs can be led by an official trainer recognized by Emploi Québec and are eligible to the 1% law for company training.
  • All programs have a backup plan in case of weather issues.