Full day activities

Promotional events

«Promotional events»

Either you are organizing a promotional event for a few hours or a few days, we will surely be able to help you plan efficiently and provide you with a multitude of ideas. Our dynamic and interactive thematic concepts will have your participants delighted and your expectations surpassed! 

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Christmas parties

«Christmas parties»

Add a touch of magic and enchantment to your Christmas celebration. You will be drawn into the holiday spirit by festive decorations, charming characters, themed workshops and a jubilant soundtrack! 

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Employees’ Day 

«Employees’ Day »

On these special days when you wish to recognize your employees for their tireless efforts, treat them to an activity-filled, dynamic celebration which will be sure to please. 

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Family Days

«Family Days»

Everyone, young or old, will be enchanted during these joyous events where laughter is contagious. Everyone will enjoy a good time and a good meal in our festive and colorful atmosphere! 

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