Theme Night

Our various theme nights can include one or more of these elements: room decorations, music, lighting, projections, photobooth, entertainment and performances. The combination is chosen based on your needs for the evening. Whether you are planning an awards night, a gala or simply a reason to get together and celebrate, we offer dynamic, warm and personalized packages. Our detailed planning, experienced team and attention to your needs will guarantee a memorable evening. Treat your guests and let us help you plan a wonderful and unique evening!

Goals: Ambiance – Fun - Entertainment - Interaction - Dancing
Length: Between 6 pm and 1 am based on chosen format
Group size: 100 to 1,000 participants

The Moulin Rouge

«The Moulin Rouge»

An entertaining evening filled with warmth and color awaits you behind the doors of our Cabaret. Travel to early 20th century Paris and visit its most famous night spot, surrounded by wonderful decor, performances, music and entertainment. Welcome to the cabaret!

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Chicago’s Wild Nights

«Chicago’s Wild Nights»

Travel back in time to the prohibition era and party like it was 1930! You’ll get a taste of the mobster lifestyle in an animated atmosphere where lively performances, games and alcohol rule! Is having this much fun legal? Welcome to Chicago!

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Rock’N Roll

«Rock’N Roll»

This throw-back to the 1950’s, complete with its diners, drive-ins and pool rooms, will have you enjoying an evening out like no other. Retro costumes, vinyl records, juke-boxes and of course, all of the Rock’n Roll hits that we know and love will make this an unforgettable evening of dancing and pure fun!

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Journées d'animation

«American Bandstand»

This Gogo evening will take you back to the 1960’s, from the introduction of television to the creation of the first discos! The room will be transformed into a television studio from that wonderfully colorful era where you can strut your stuff to classic hits from the 60’s to today. Relive the “British Invasion” and make this an unforgettable night!

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Journées d'animation

«Peace, Love and Party»

Surrounded by psychedelic colors, hippies and a very groovy atmosphere, you will be taken back to a Woodstock-like evening. Enjoy the far out festivities and the "peace and love" mood of the late 1960’s that will make this an unforgettable evening.

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Disco Inferno

«Disco Inferno»

Do you have disco fever? If so, you need our version of the famous Studio 54 to get that Saturday Night Fever out of your system! Surrounded by flamboyant decor, disco balls and colorful boas, you can dress the part to fit right in! Let yourself go and enjoy the 1970’s groove to the max!

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Party Cruise

«Party Cruise»

All aboard the Party Cruise! Get away from it all for a few hours in a classy cruise ship atmosphere for an entertaining and energizing journey! Our crew and captain will greet you and make sure that you are enjoying the festive banquet, the entertainment and your short vacation from reality!

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An Evening on the Islands

«An Evening on the Islands»

Imagine being in the Caribbean or Pacific Islands, surrounded by exotic decor and lively Latin music. Let our performances, dancing and entertainment whisk you off to this island paradise where our only goal is to create a memorable evening for your guests!

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Rio Carnival

«Rio Carnival»

Discover the splendid world of the Rio Carnival, surrounded by a spectacular array of colors, beautiful decor and dazzling masks! When our talented dancers perform a captivating Brazilian dance number to the rhythmic sounds of samba, salsa and merengue, your guests will certainly want more!

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Wild Wild West

«Wild Wild West»

Take the mechanical bull by the horns and join us in this Wild West adventure! Our Sheriff will guide your guests during this saloon evening filled with poker, line dancing and fun! Kick up your heels to some of the greatest country and rock hits and party like you just hit the mother lode!

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African Rhythms

«African Rhythms»

Discover the hidden charms of Africa as you move to the rhythms of World Music. In an atmosphere celebrating the diversity of African culture and surrounded by our jungle decor, it will be easy for you to be transported to another world where you will be fascinated by the spirited rhythms of our percussionists and mesmerized by our energetic dancers!

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Arabian Nights

«Arabian Nights»

You will be entranced by the magic and warmth of the Orient as you travel to the land of the One Thousand and One Nights. This evening full of mysteries and exotic surprises will create a palatial atmosphere in which our gypsy artists, card readers and hypnotic dances, including the Sharqi and the Baladi, will certainly charm your guests!

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This crowd-pleasing concept is perfect for an elegant gala evening or for an awards ceremony. Whether you choose an Art Deco, Vintage or Contemporary setting, your guests will feel like stars as they walk down the red carpet to receive their Oscar.

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Gala in White

«Gala in White»

If you’re looking for a purely magical evening, the Gala in White is what you need! Imagine everything in white, including your guests’ clothing, the room’s decor, the lighting, the centerpieces, the entertainers and every other aspect of your event. This elegant and chic atmosphere will surely make a beautiful backdrop for any evening you are hosting.

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Cabin Party

«Cabin Party»

Discover the best of Québec in this traditional and yet very modern celebration! Come and warm up in our log cabin where our performers will keep you entertained. You will be received amidst barn wood, logs, birch trees, rustic furniture and antiques for the best party since New Year’s Eve!

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An Evening in the Big City

«An Evening in the Big City»

We welcome you to the big city in either summer or winter, surrounded by a decor of high-rise buildings, statues, city trucks, street lights, park benches, trees and all the rest! But don’t worry, you can still look up past the city lights and gaze up at our beautiful starry sky. You will also be entertained by contemporary artists and great music in a lively atmosphere. The sky’s the limit in the Big City!

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Around the World

«Around the World»

Travel the world with your friends and coworkers without leaving your table! You will experience South American, European, African and Asian cultures through food, music and various performances. Your guests are sure to enjoy this unforgettable evening!

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